Sunday, September 25, 2016

Doggie Model Casting Call

Producer & Celebrity Fashion Designer, Desi Allinger-Nelson, of Paint the Runway Purple Fashion Show is hosting a special model casting call of the four-legged kind!

The chosen dog models will be strutting their stuff adorned with couture designs from designer Paul C. Treichler, Whirly Dog Supplies, alongside Desi Designs' models who will be wearing a couture bolero jacket collection with a Candy & Sweets theme!

5:00 p.m.
Candlewood Suites
2010 SE 192nd Avenue
Camas, WA 98607

Your dog must meet one of the breeds listed below. Your dog must be able to walk a runway with a model, attuned to lights, loud music, and lots of people. Your dog must be docile around other dogs. Most importantly, your dog must have a fun & light-hearted personality!

Specific Dog Breeds:
*Small Black or Brown Dachshund
*Three to four small to medium size White fluffy dogs - the fluffier and the whitest, the better!

Desi Allinger-Nelson, Paul C. Treichler, Cindy L. Johnston-Bennett, Lily Bennett, Kenzie Hess

Photo Credit: Peter E. Reiche
Model: Kenzie Hess
MUAH: Shawna Cuellar
Location: Camas Beauty Bar 
Kenzie is wearing a Desi Designs
Headpiece: Desi Designs

Paint the Runway Purple Photo Credit: Elohi Photography
Model: Laura Watson
MUAH: Bee Sam and Ali Arledge
Location: Lincoln City, OR
Laura is wearing Desi Designs 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fleece Dog Hoodies for Spring and Summer

I had a friend comment to me the other day, "no one buys dog jackets and dog hoodies during summer ... do you sell many of them on your website for Whirly Dog Supplies?"
I indicated to him that I actually do get a few sales for hoodies and coats - Not only due to the customer's location but there are many areas that get cool at night and a lightweight comfortable dog jacket is a great way to keep your pet warm.

whirly dog supplies dog clothes and pet apparel
We have a Maltese and a Yorkie, neither have undercoats and Whirly, our Maltese, is a senior and his hair is thinning. Even though we may have days here in Oregon, USA that are 80-90 + during the day, we still can get down in the 40's and 50's at night. Almost nightly, our dogs (because they are small breeds) typically need to get up and go potty at least once, so it's nice to put a little dog coat or hoodie on them while they go out for a few minutes. As with most dogs, ours have to sniff everything and sometimes a few minutes turn into several minutes, while they get chilled!

I make the dog hoodies and jackets with Velcro neck and chest closures so they are extremely easy and quick to put on and off. Furthermore, many of the dog clothes I create are brightly colored so they may aid in visibility when walking dogs near traffic at night.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Choose Your Veterinarian Carefully - Whirly's Experience

I wanted to write a post about Whirly's most recent experience with two Pet Clinics in Gresham Oregon, USA.

Whirly recently had an infected anal gland. One morning I noticed he had a lump near his butthole, which hurt him and he was in obvious constant pain. Armando and I took him into town hoping someone would see him. The first clinic, which we have used in the past, was booked and it would be few hours before they could see him. I had remembered who we took him to years ago when he had the same thing happen but it had ruptured, at that time he received good care.
They got us right in but the Veterinarian was rude, condescending, couldn't handle the little sick dog that was weak and upset, didn't seem to want to do anything, nor seemed to care about our dog. Keep in mind, this is about the little sick dog... The entire story is in the letter I sent them, below (btw. I haven't heard back from them):

"On Friday morning, Feb 12, 2016, I phoned _______ Pet Clinic of Gresham, LLC to see about getting appointment for my dog, Whirly. He is a senior-age Maltese, and he was in pain from an infected anal gland. I stated that Whirly had been in a few years ago with the same problem but this time it wasn't as bad, because the last time the abscess had ruptured. He also is treated for other things as well and each time I always requested the same veterinarian. The person that answered the phone told me to bring him in right away.

When Dr. !___ came into the exam room, I was surprised that it wasn't our previous Doctor. So I told her about the abscess and of all his other problems, since she had not seen my dog before and so she would have an understanding of his health issues before she examined him. I explained that he had a stroke a little less than a year ago, he had a couple hot spots, he has breathing problems, he had a lump on his rib cage, and then I told her about the lump near his rectum that was causing him pain now.

Dr.!____ listened to his heart and lungs and while doing so, addressed all of his issues in a very unprofessional and almost condescending way.
1. The hot spots, she barely looked at and when I asked if it could be due to fleas, she asked if he had problems with them. I said I have used Frontline and Advantix topical drops but they didn't work. I told her that I just started using the Seresto collar and it seemed to have gotten rid of the fleas. She shrugged and said, "Well there are new flea medicines available that we have." and then left it at that, instead of me giving more information.
2. She felt the lump and said that it could be a cyst and I informed her that he has had it several weeks and it has gotten smaller over time and now it's almost gone, but I wanted to know if I should be concerned. She said there was no way to tell unless she did a needle biopsy. She said she couldn't tell if it was cancer or not unless they tested it. She acted as if it was no big deal and so I didn't pursue it.
3. While talking, she struggled with my little dog to try and look at his teeth. I was astonished that she didn't know the proper ways to handle a dog that is wiggling his head around to examine its teeth! She then listened all over his body with a stethoscope but wasn't saying anything about what she heard. I had to ask "How does his heart and lungs sound?" - She replied, "His heart sounds good and strong". I asked "What about his breathing?" and she replied, "Oh, his lungs sound fine but if you want we can do a chest X-ray." Again, she didn't seem to care!!!
4... THIS IS BIG! ... When I took Whirly in, visually you could see there was a small lump near his rectal opening on the left side. You could also feel it with your fingers (I knew that we were getting Whirly in early because it was small and the skin over and around it was normal and not discolored). When we got there Whirly was walking around fine, however he was sensitive and had pain in the area if you touched it.
Dr. !_____ said she was going to take him to the back to get a closer look and check the area out. She was gone for a while and when she came back to the exam room, she said she tried to express the anal glands but the left side she couldn't get anything out. She said the abscess could explode at any time. I had to ask if we could get some antibiotics to treat it! Her reply was, "Oh, yeah we could do that, let me figure out what he needs depending on his weight". She left and came back with some medicine. I asked that she give him the first dose, and she had a look on her face as if it was an imposition and she proceeded to do it with much reluctance. As I left, she stated that I could put the medicine in his food or administer directly in his mouth. I asked if it tasted good, like beef or chicken or something... she replied "I don't know, why don't you ask him!" and pointed at my dog Whirly. I did not appreciate her comment as my dog was stressed and I was stressed, and sarcasm didn't help our situation one bit!!!

When I got Whirly home, I lifted his tail to see how his infection was doing and saw that he was all black and blue. She bruised him severely!!! I understand that she was trying to express the glands, but I would think she would have done it in such a way that doesn't make things worse! No one has ever bruised him before!!
Now my dog Whirly is in a tremendous amount of pain, much worse than when he was brought in to your Clinic.

This morning, the abscess broke and I am caring for him at home. 

My receipt number is ##### and my account is ##.
I expect that all charges be reversed on my credit card immediately and I would also like a letter of apology from Dr. !_____. 

This is NO way to treat any animal. Furthermore, Dr. !______ needs to reconsider her vocation if she doesn't want to treat animals properly and doesn't even know how to communicate professionally with humans!"

This Tuesday morning, when we got up, Whirly's abscess and broke again and was leaking I called the clinic we took him to and i called and asked if I could see another doctor and the lady said yes, but there may be a little wait but they could work me in... then i said "I am assuming there will, at the least, no charge for this visit ... correct?" She replied, "no we charge an office visit charge for each and every visit." I told her, that was unacceptable. She said I'd have to see the same doctor and "the doctor might make an exception and not charge you". She said "it's up to the doctor, is there anything else i can help you with."... and she hung up so fast i couldn't reply. I am going to research, i think there has to be a veterinarian board or something i can contact. They are risking the life and health of these poor animals, that's why I'm so angry. I ended up taking him to the place that Armando took toby for his shots. They don't take walk-ins but told me they'd work whirly in somehow. the vet, a short, dry, older man, had to sedate him and do surgery because the infection and inflammation was so bad, it took all day... but I didn't want to risk taking him back to the other place, the poor little guy has been through so much and he just needs to get this taken care of!  I am taking Whirly back again today, so the doctor can see if the wound is doing what it's supposed to. he gave him anti-inflammatory injections, antibiotic injections, and he went inside and cleaned out all the infection. Walking away I could hear him tell Whirly everything was going to be alright. This is the kind of customer service and pet care every clinic should be providing.i feel bad i put little whirly through all this... i should have taken him to this other place, in the first place. :(Long story short... Be careful of where you take your pet. Research Research Research! If it's an emergency situation, stand up for yourself and your pet! It's all about love and compassion - these are our babies!

~ for legal reasons, we have left out company and doctor names - however, if you look up pet clinics in the area, it's the one with the lowest / worst reviews ~

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Shipping Dates for Whirly Dog Supplies

There is still time to order from Whirly Dog Supplies for all your Christmas Dog Clothes - awesome designer pet apparel and dog clothing for the holidays or all year long... Refer to image below for ship dates!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dogs and Puppies Need to be Treated Like Our Children!

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the Earth.
A dog will love us unconditionally and will do anything they can to please us. We love our dogs and we will give them anything to make them happy... You will be glad to make them happy and comfortable by giving them a cuddly and snuggly pillow they will love falling asleep with.

whirly dog supplies sleepwear and accessories dog supplies
Our little Yorkie loves his pillow. He carries it everywhere and even sleeps with it. That is why Whirly Dog Supplies has decided to start manufacturing and selling various cuddle pillows for pets.

We talked with our customers and many of them have pets who have a favorite little blanket, pillow, or cuddle toy that they take everywhere with them. Over the coming weeks and months as we approach the holidays, we will be listing some fun and affordable pet accessories that you and your pet will love and cherish for years to come.

Also, be sure to watch for fun new pajamas and onesies for dogs - using designer fabrics and notions to not only keep your dog warm and comfy at night, but to make them look their best! Whirly Dog Supplies' dog clothes and pet apparel are made to last while still being affordable. Visit our Etsy store for the latest fashion pet clothing. Finally, now is a great time to shop with us - prices have never been better and we are trying to clear out last holiday season's dog clothes.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dog Boutique | Whirly Dog Supplies

After four years of starting Whirly Dog Supplies, I am constantly coming up with new ideas, learning new ways of doing things for the benefit of our customers, and implementing new ideas and procedures to make our online store a great place shop. In the past two years Whirly Dog Supplies is becoming more of a boutique for dog and pet owners, mainly small to medium sized dogs.

At the end of 2014 we started making new styles of dog clothes and using designer named fabrics, such as Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta. Now we will be taking a look at packaging for shipping.
Previously, I have always wrapped the pet apparel orders in tissue paper which looked nice, tissue paper is great for shipping as it adds a little protection for transit, and keeps the fabrics at the proper humidity so they will be fresh and beautiful when delivered. I have decided to start adding just a little more to make the packaging look more appealing. I will continue to wrap the orders in tissue paper - but now they will be tied up (like a present, sort of) with twine, yarn, ribbon, etc. The final step will be to attach a sticker, tag, or small card saying, "Thank You".

When someone shops with Whirly Dog Supplies, I want them to feel as though they left a fun and fancy little boutique, not a "pet store". I love making dog clothes and I am passionate about the comfort, style, and quality of the dog clothes I make - so now that will be seen in the packaging as well.

I would love to hear from my readers with thoughts and ideas on what, as a pet/dog owner, you would like to have done to better our store.

Be sure to visit our site at to see new products, sales and promotions, and news about our company.

Friday, June 5, 2015

July 4th Holiday is Coming Fast, Keep Your Pet SAFE!

With July 4th only a few weeks away we wanted to remind you about pet safety and let you know about fun holiday dog clothes and accessories at Whirly Dog Supplies' Etsy Shop to show your American pride.

First and foremost - I can't stress the importance of keeping your pet safe over the 4th of July Holiday. In our (and most) neighborhoods, kids and adults start setting off fireworks and having parties the week prior to Independence Day and through the week following. If you have to take your dog outside, as many of us do for potty breaks, walks, or family gatherings... please be mindful of how they may react to smells, noises, and visual attractions!

As an example, we have two dogs - One senior 14 year old Maltese and one young 2 year old Yorkie. Both have polar opposite behaviors when it comes to people, sounds, smells, and visual stimuli.

  • Whirly - our senior boy is not bothered very much by anything. He is slow moving and is not easily scared or distracted. For him, we just keep in indoors as much as possible so that he is out of harms way during the holiday festivities. 
  • Toby - our young one is so jumpy and excitable, we have to keep him on a short leash if he goes outside to potty or a walk. Just the other day we had a thunder and lightning storm and every time he would hear the thunder he would jump and run aimlessly. We don't want to risk the possibility of losing him by him getting lost or running into the street and being in a dangerous situation.

If your pets need to go outside, make sure you have them (preferably) harnessed and watched carefully. I even carry treats so when he goes potty or for a short walk, if there is a loud noise or distraction I give him a treat to calm him down.
*Each pet is different and reacts different in certain situations. I can't stress enough to know how your dog will react in this time of Human celebrations. If you have a new dog and aren't sure how they will react - or even if you think they will be fine, my best advice is KEEP THEM INDOORS during July 4th events!*

Lastly, if you are planning family or friends gatherings for parties, bbq's, or other fun festivities and your pet will be joining the party, consider dressing them in something fun, fashionable, and protective.

dog shirts for holidaysdog dresses for holidays
dog accessories, dog supplies, dog bandana for holidays

A lot of people don't realize that dog clothes/pet apparel are not only great for keeping your pet warm when it's cold outside - but they are great for protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun! Many breeds such as Maltese, don't have an undercoat and can easily be sunburned. The same applies to many short haired dogs as exposed skin is at risk of being burned.

For fun and fashionable dog clothes, designed for the July 4th holiday visit our "Holiday Pet Clothes" section of Whirly Dog Supplies' Etsy Shop. If you are in a warmer climate, you will find lightweight and comfy shirts and dresses you and your dog will love!

We wish you a fun and safe holiday this Independence Day.