Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas is Over

maltese dog, looking upAs the holidays come to an end, it can be a time to reflect and consider the coming of the new year. We make resolutions for ourselves and our children, but what about our pets?

Christmas and New Years are a fascinating time for all of us, including our pets. We should not only keep our own spirits high through the coming of the new year, but also consider our pet's health and happiness as well.

The owners of Whirly Dog Supplies had so much fun dressing up Whirly, the model for their pet apparel, and taking him out for visits to see Christmas lights, walks around the neighborhood to see decorations, visits to friends and family, and having the people they love over for social events. Now that Christmas is over and we are about to close out the new year, let's consider doing all those fun activities in the new year.

Dogs love interaction with others, so how about hosting parties, get togethers for coffee and tea, movie nights, game night, or even go visit a family member or friend you enjoy spending time with (and take your dog along). Do you have a public park nearby? A shopping mall? A safe quiet neighborhood? If so, get out there and explore your surroundings, take your dog for a walk! Not only will you be improving your dog's mental and physical health, but it's going to benefit you as well... Don't forget it can get a little chilly during the winter months so be sure to dress your little dog in a warm dog coat, hoodie, dog jacket, or sweater for added warmth and protection from the cold.

As we go into 2014, let's make every minute of every day count!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Homeless Man and Dog Celebrate Pope's Birthday

On Tuesday, Dec 17 2013, Pope Francis had is 77th birthday and invited three homeless men to join him for a meal to celebrate at the Vatican. One of the men had a dog and the Pope welcomed the man's dog to join them.

This warmed the hearts of many, as he is known for his love of all things. An Italian journalist's guide dog was blessed earlier this year. When the man asked for his wife and daughter who were at home to be blessed, the Pope replied "... a special blessing for your dog, too."

Whirly Dog Supplies was elated to hear of this beautiful story, as the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner, it is so appropriate to share this tale of love.

Read the full story/article here.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annoying People have Annoying Dogs

small dog looking out window of carHow many times do we see dogs left in cars and they bark constantly, your neighbors dog barks all night long, someone walking their dogs and every person they pass the dog barks, the list goes on and on... ?

Could this be due to the dog's environment and learned behavior? We think, many times yes!

The other day we stopped to buy some office supplies for Whirly Dog Supplies Information Website, and when we parked there was a little Maltese in the car parked in front of us, and two dogs - one Corgi and one Mixed breed in the car next to us.

When we were getting out of the car to go into the store, a rotund woman getting out of the car with the two dogs. She was waving her arms around and screaming at her two children, something to do with the fact that if they don't behave she wasn't taking them to McDonalds. After they left the car and went into the store, we noticed that the dogs kept barking non-stop at everyone that went by. They seemed to be behaving the same as the woman that was driving the car.

After shopping, we came back to our car and notice the dogs were still barking at us as well as everyone else nearby. Now, to back up to our arrival at the store we had notice directly in front of us there was a larger sedan parked and sitting patiently and looking out the window was a small Maltese. He/she was quiet as a mouse and seemed intent to look directly at the store, as if waiting for someone or something to come back and not caring about anything else.

As we were about to pull out of our parking space we noticed an elderly lady, moving very slow, hunched over as if her back was hurting, and with a sweet half-smile. Not a sound was ever heard from the little Maltese waiting for her. Here is an example of a quiet, sweet, and gentle little old lady with a quiet and sweet little dog.

I think children and pets learn from their environment and become what we teach them. Many people say "some people just shouldn't be parents" - can this be true for pet or dog owner's as well?! Let us know what you think. After reading our article, we'd love to hear your experiences.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your Dog and Cold Weather

small dog at the oregon coast wearing dog clothesIt is so very important to keep your pets and dogs warm and comfortable during winter months. Much of the United States right now is experiencing extreme cold conditions and we suggest whenever possible it is best just to keep your pets indoors. If it is necessary to take your pet outside, consider keeping it brief and having them wear protective dog clothes or pet apparel if they will tolerate it. Many short haired dogs and dogs that don't have an undercoat, such as Maltese will chill easily. A warm fleece dog jacket, dog sweaters, or dog hoodies and/or some comfortable soft cotton flannel dog pajamas can aid in adding a bit more warmth to a freezing cold day.

Whirly Dog Supplies
is located in Portland Oregon USA. This morning it is 19 °F degrees, we have a tiny bit of snow on the ground left from yesterday, and there is a bone chilling wind. We have the "Columbia Gorge" located near the city. The Columbia river, a large river separating Oregon and Washington and reaching to Idaho, has over thousands of years eroded through the Cascade Mountains leaving a large Gorge which is incredibly beautiful yet very powerful - When weather systems off the Pacific Ocean come inland, it kind of creates a vacuum that draws cold air from the east side of the state. The Cascade Mountains run north and south keeping the western half of the state warm from the ocean waters, the east side (protected from the mountain range) gets bitterly cold. So now... we have cold air coming from Alaska giving us cold temperatures, plus the wind from the gorge - they say "wind chill factor" or what the temperature actually feels like, is 20-30 °F below zero.

maltese wearing dog jacket dog hoodie made by Whirly Dog SuppliesI wanted to give you an example of were we are and how the weather is... No human or animal should be subject to this kind of extreme cold, and as humans and pet owners we have the responsibility of giving proper care for the sweet dogs we love and care for. Consider keeping them indoors where it is warm, and if they do need to go outside, protect them by dressing them in dog clothing to keep them safe and warm.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion from a Shadow

image of a woman, shadow cast from a treeMany things inspire me in everyday life. Sometimes we see things such as a mountain, an animal, or even the shadow of a tree...

This morning I captured this image with my cell phone as immediately I notice that the shadow of an old tree, on the side of a building near the site of Whirly Dog Supplies, reminded me of a fashionable woman with one hand in the air and the other on her hip.

When creating our dog clothing and pet apparel, many things inspire me as a designer. Art and beauty come in many forms and this is something I will be working with when creating my next garment for the product line.

Let us know what you think of the image and feel free to share what inspires you in everyday life.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Pet Apparel for Dogs

maltese dog wearing holiday pet apparel from whirly dog suppliesWhirly Dog Supplies has been working hard this year to bring their customers fun and festive pet apparel to ring in the holidays. Find these quality, stylish, and affordable holiday dog clothes and holiday pet apparel in Whirly Dog Supplies' Christmas Department.

maltese dog wearing christmas themed dog hoodie, dog jacket sweaterYou will find our traditional dog pajamas and dog hoodies/coats with a holiday or Christmas related theme, but you will also find new items this year such as really cute red Santa Jackets and green Elf Coats made of soft comfortable fleece.

maltese dog wearing holiday themed dog jacketLastly, you will find our products at the lowest prices available. To keep up to date with the latest news and information, bookmark Whirly Dog Supplies' Site page for the latest headlines related to the company.

Happy Holidays from All of Us at,
Whirly Dog Supplies
Blessings to you, your family, and all your beloved pets.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where Does Your Dog Sleep at Night?

small dog sleeping in his bedA year ago, I purchased a black wrought iron four poster bed for Whirly. I took the simple mattress pad that was with it and added memory foam and a new cover. I also added a long body pillow on the back, added a sleeping pillow, and threw in his favorite blanket. Whirly has loved sleeping in the bed every night, partly because it is so soft and comfortable but also because it's in the bedroom with me. He usually never leaves my side throughout the day, whether I'm in the work room making pet apparel and dog clothes for Whirly Dog Supplies, or doing simple house work... he is always right at me feet.

I have noticed in the past week, he has been sleeping in the living room at night rather then in the bedroom with me. He has another bed out there which is a pillow type bed which he enjoys lounging in during evenings while watching television (that is, if he's not snuggled down in my lap).

whirly (maltese) sleeping in his dog bed located in living roomThis is totally unusual for him. Now, the past three weeks I have been battling a sinus infection and go to bed early. My partner comes in an hour or two later then me in the evenings and Whirly usually stays out there with him. However, in the past he would always come in to the bedroom to sleep when my partner came in, but not the past week. The only thing I can think of is possibly the fact that he's getting older (almost 11 years in four months) and he is just too darn comfortable to move and come in the bedroom, so he stays in his bed in the living room. Or... now that it is getting colder and winter is fast approaching, he would rather stay in the other room because the temperature is slightly warmer. But this is all new, we rescued him a few years ago and now this sudden change. I just find it a bit odd.

Where does your dog sleep at night?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dog Toys With and Without Polyfill

dog toy, plushAlthough Whirly Dog Supplies makes and sells the best dog clothes and pet apparel at Whirly Dog Supplies, we also sell dog toys. Playtime provides your dog not only entertainment, but it is also a great way to provide exercise through interactive play. Your dog's health and happiness are most important.

Lately, people are looking for non-polyfill dog toys. Through research and testing we believe your dog may benefit from toys made without polyfill. Moving forward the dog toys that Whirly Dog Supplies makes will not contain this material. Many people do not realize that polyfill materials today are made from petroleum based material. So not only can it cause possible health problems for your pet, it may also help our environment by choosing alternatives for filling material. Furthermore, we can also "Go Green" by using left over scraps of material, thread, etc to fill our toys.

Let's consider what we are giving our pets when buying dog toys and supplies. You love your dog and they are a part of your family. Keeping our pets and our environment healthy should be most important.

Lastly, ALWAYS supervise your pet when they are playing with dog toys. If any toy becomes damage, please discard it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Purchase Only Handcrafted Dog Clothes

maltese, small dog wearing dog pajamasWhirly Dog Supplies, who handcraft dog clothes and pet apparel made in the United States of America is often asked, by their customers, what makes our dog clothes and pet apparel better then what they can purchase in a large chain pet store at a lower price. Our answer is two fold: Quality and Uniqueness/Style.

Every dog owner and dog lover adores their pet. Pets are our friends. Their unique personality and their love drive us to give them the best we can. Many people actually spend more on their pets grooming, toys, clothing, and accessories then they do on themselves or their family member. Yet they still shop at large corporate driven stores for the best value when it comes to clothes for their pet.

Considerate these two factors before making your next purchase of pet apparel:

dog wearing dog shirtQuality
When you purchase a dog jacket, dog dress, or some cute dog pajamas you may not necessarily consider how long they will last. Dogs will be dogs - they run, jump, roll around, chew, and play... causing wear and tear on their dog clothing. Whirly Dog Supplies searches for fabrics and notions with durability and quality in mind. Also, when they are made, time is taken to insure every seam and every hem is perfect.

Dog clothes and pet apparel made in other countries lose quality control because workers are made to work long days for very little pay or a cup of rice. Factories, also known as "sweat shops" require workers to produce hundreds of pieces of dog garments each day, conditions in these factories are horrible, and the physical and mental abuse these poor people have to endure surely effects their work. When you take home a dog jacket you purchased for cheap price of $5.00 at a large "mega pet store" you can expect the seams to come apart, fabric to tear, or defects to show within a few days or weeks.

reinforced velcro straps on dog clothesYou can rely on strength and durability when you purchase dog clothes and pet apparel from Whirly Dog Supplies. We have dogs in our family, we understand the need for quality. We make dog garments to last a lifetime.

When you purchase clothing for your pet that are handmade you are getting apparel that is truly as unique as you and your pet are. When taking our dog to the dog park one day, we actually saw two dogs wearing the same dog wrap/jacket by two different owners. After approaching the dog owners, we found that they seemed annoyed that the other person had the exact same color and style outfit as the other dog. We found they had shopped at the same pet store here in Portland, Oregon.

small dog wearing whirly dog supplies brand dog dressWhirly Dog Supplies often buys fabrics that are clearance or remnants, because we believe in keeping our environment clean and not filling our landfills. "Going Green" not only helps the world we live in, but it also provides pet owners with fun and fashionable dog clothes that are unique and have their own look, pattern, and/or print. Although we may obtain several yards on one style of fabric and make 10 dog pajamas of that one pair of dog pajamas (for example) you will have peace of mind that 1,000 of them weren't made in a factory. So if you take your dog out in public, or have guests come to your home, your pet will be noticed because no one will have ever seen the pet apparel before. Your dog will truly get noticed and stand out in a crowd! Furthermore, much of our clothing is "One of a Kind", if the fabrics have been discontinued or no longer available, making them truly unique.

So next time you consider buying dog clothes, consider Whirly Dog Supplies quality and unique pet apparel.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Tiny Tim aka Timmy

Please meet Tiny Tim aka Timmy.

Timmy is a 15 year old Maltese that was picked up on the streets of Louisville KY, as a stray two years ago, at the age of 13.  As you can see in the first picture, he did not look happy, he was very under weight and was extremely matted and flea infested.  He was kept at the animal shelter on the cat side because he was so small he could get out of the cages on the dog side. He weighed in at a whopping 4 pounds.

After several weeks at the shelter he was pulled by Kentucky Animal Relief Fund (KARF), a rescue group in Louisville.  He was placed with the most wonderful Foster Mama in the world, my friend Jeanie.  Four years prior I adopted another little rescue from Jeanie.  When she told me about this little fellow we both knew that he was meant to be my furever baby.  Jeanie named him Timmy and  what a perfect name for a perfect gentleman.

rescue, maltese dogTwo years ago I drove from North Carolina to Jeanie's home in the snow right before Christmas to adopt Timmy.  I took my other little rescue with me so that Jeanie could see how far that little dog had come since I adopted her.  Freckles is another miracle story for another day.  Timmy fell instantly in love with Freckles and they were inseparable until Freckles passed away several weeks ago. Timmy's greatest accomplishment was teaching my little mill dog survivor how to play. The third picture is Mr and Mrs Timmy and Freckles.

dog after being cared for and lovedThe Timmy today photo shows what a little love can do for an old fellow.  His favorite place is my lap.  He guards it fiercely even though he has no teeth.  He had severe mouth infection from lack of dental care when he was picked up.  The vet commented on how he did not understand why the little guy was not crying in constant pain it was so severe.

Today Timmy's hair has come back in abundance, he is a rolly polly little guy at 6 pounds and does the happy dance every day when I come home.  Freckles, the mill dog taught him to do that.  He is a little old man that never complains about his arthritic hips and knees. Timmy has an amazing spirit that someone threw away in Kentucky. 

two small dogs, friends, loveHe owns my heart and soul.  Thank you to KARF for pulling him from the shelter and thank you to Jeanie, the most wonderful foster ever. Thank you to Whirly Dog for getting the message out and doing all you do.



Whirly Dog Supplies - Makers of quality, stylish, and unique dog clothes and pet apparel would like to send out a BIG Thank You to Tracy J, for this letter and for bringing this beautiful little dog into her home, loving him, and giving him a wonderful life after being neglected.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dog Care In Cold Weather

group of small dogs in winterFall is here and Winter is just around the corner. Just as hot weather can be a concern with your dog during summer, the chilly winter weather is also something we must keep in mind for the protection of your dog.

Many people understand that when the weather is hot during the summer we need to keep in mind how the heat effects our dogs. Such as, the extreme heat that is generated in a parked car - the same is true when it is cold outside. Typically, it is colder inside the parked car then outside as well. We never, even in mild temperatures, want to leave a pet unattended in a vehicle for extended periods of time.

Also, be mindful of the cold when taking them for a walk outside. Many dogs have short hair, or even breeds such as the Maltese don't have an undercoat and may become hypothermic during extreme low temperatures. One may even consider purchasing dog coats, dog hoodies, or a dog sweater which can be found at Whirly Dog Supplies to aid in keeping your dog warm and dry.

Please be understanding to your dog this winter, consider dog clothing and pet apparel, and limit or supervise your pet during colder times of year. Lastly, never leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle, it is a health and safety issue.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tips for Traveling on the Road with an Older Dog

Road trips are a great way to spend some quality time with your pets. No matter what the destination may be, packing up your pooch and hitting the road is ripe with not only adventure, but also opportunities to bond.

For those with older dogs, you may be hesitant to brave the open road with your furry friend, but by taking a few extra precautions, you can ensure that you both have an awesome time.

Unlike puppies, older dogs are a little bit more settled, making them more easygoing and easier to deal with. However, like any pet, there are challenges to overcome, but for those eager to travel, bringing your dog along is definitely worth the effort.


Keeping your dog contained can be difficult, even when you’re not on vacation. Although your pup has surely been around the block a few times, an escape can prove fatal if you aren’t attentive. Whether in the car, at the hotel or elsewhere, making sure your dog is properly contained is a crucial part of any road trip.

  • If you’re taking a weekend camping trip, or plan on spending some time in the great outdoors, a wireless dog fence is a convenient and portable way to keep your dog from scampering off too far and getting into trouble.

  • Crating your dog while on the road is highly recommended, since it lessens the potential for injury in case of an accident or abrupt stop. It’s also far less distracting if your dog is crated as opposed to roaming around the car.

  • However, if your dog is crated, make sure to make frequent stops for him to stretch his legs and avoid stiffening up while on the road.


Comfort on a road trip can be hard to come by for anyone. Cramped conditions in the car or hotel rooms that leave something to be desired, as well as crowded tourist attractions all await those eager to brave the open road. But, whether you’re furry or not, being comfortable on a road trip is possible, so long as you plan ahead.

  • Bring as many familiar toys and blankets as you can so that your dog feels more at home. It may take up a lot of storage space, but it will be worth packing the extra bags.

  • Don’t feed your dog too much right before you hit the road. This can cause him to get sick during the drive, and in the end, is just another mess for you to clean up.

  • Avoid exposing your dog to too much sunlight. Utilize shade whenever possible and always keep water handy in case he starts feeling dehydrated.


Breaks for your dog are just as important, if not more so, than they are for you. Depending on the quality of his bones and joints, a lengthy walk around the hotel, down the beach or around the boardwalk can prove quite painful for an older dog. If you plan on spending a lot of your trip on foot, make sure that you take frequent breaks, at least for your dog’s sake.

  • Road trips are stressful for everyone. If you and your dog start showing signs of fatigue, don’t be afraid to take a little break to relax your nerves and temper.

  • While out and about, distractions are aplenty. This can be overwhelming for both you and your dog, so, if you two are feeling overstimulated, find a spot off the main drag and grab some solitude.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, push your dog any harder than necessary. It can be harmful to his health and can turn even the most joyous of road trips into an unmitigated disaster.

Road trips with your dog are surely worth celebrating. They give you a chance to soak up new places, new faces and even new smells. Although not always the most pleasant of experiences, traveling is almost always worth a headache or two. But, with some extra planning up front, you can do away with a lot of stress and enjoy some quality time with your dog.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thunder and Lightning and Dogs

whirly, the model for Whirly Dog Supplies, makers of quality stylish and unique dog clothes and pet apparelWe live in Portland Oregon, USA. We are coming to the end of summer and during the months of September and October cold air starts moving into the Pacific Northwest causing electrical storms.

Last night, just after midnight, we experience about an hour of a strong storm. Our dog Whirly, the inspiration and model for Whirly Dog Supplies, was barking and growling as the flashes of lightning lit up the bedroom. Whirly never barks or growls, we have (at the most) heard him bark a half of dozen times.

I got up to make sure Whirly was doing okay and comfort him. He wasn't scared or shaking, but he was on guard! He was sitting ridged and strong in the doorway to the bedroom with a very low rumble/growl rumbling from his throat. It seemed the flashes of lightning and booms of thunder put him on guard and he was protecting me. I was a bit surprised as he is such a mellow and docile small breed dog: well, not last night, he was a fierce protector.

How does your dog act during an electrical storm? We would love to hear your stories, feel free to leave a comment below.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day at Whirly Dog Supplies

labor day sale at whirly dog suppliesSometimes Whirly Dog Supplies, makers of quality dog clothes that are stylish and unique, have incredible savings at their customer store... This weekend is the last holiday weekend, Labor Day,  of the summer and we are bringing you the greatest savings of the year so far... shop today and save at and simply use coupon code: 08LABOR13 when you checkout and you will save 32% off your Entire Order!

Thanks so much for your business. We love our customers and their pets.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dog's in Public Parks and Recreation Sites

This week we took a drive to Seattle Washington, USA. This was a recreational visit for Whirly Dog Supplies, makers of quality unique and stylish dog clothes and dog accessories.

keeping your dog on a leash, in appropriate areas, and picking up after your pet.It was really surprising to see so many people not picking up after their dogs. There was dog waste (poop) on the ground everywhere we went (even where free waste bags w/receptacles provided): Parks, Rest Areas, and even around our Hotel. It is so simple to carry a plastic bag and pick up after your dog but people either are too lazy or simply don't care. I really don't understand. It is a safety issue for the health and enjoyment of not only ourselves and our children but also our pets. Whirly Dog Supplies sells dog waste bags with dispensers as well as other dog supplies and dog accessories such as collars, water bottles, and more to make traveling much simpler.

Thankfully, many pet owners, we noticed, did have their dogs on leashes and obeying the leash laws. There is nothing more annoying to travelers to have to be dealing with an unruly dog that has not been trained properly.

Lastly, a friend we visited, who works for the National Parks Conservation Association, reminded us that visitors not only don't keep their dog's leashed or pick up their waste... but they also let them on the back trails. Many people think that they should be to take the pets with them on a hike when they are in the wilderness, however they forget there are other WILD animals out there that are attracted to their scent which may result in harm to the pet or to the human. As an example a 63 year old man was attacked and killed by a mountain goat in the Olympic National Forest, a few years ago, because he had been urinating on the side of the trail which attracted the goat from the sent and the attraction to the salt in the urine.
ref. So let us all be smart and follow the rules, this is not only for the health and safety of yourselves, your family, and your children but also your pets.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Football Season, Sports Fans and their Dogs

Nothing makes a sports enthusiast more happy then to dress or accessorize their pet with sports themed pet apparel.

Whirly Dog Supplies has just listed some really fun dog bandanas that are reversible with a football theme.

Take a look and purchase today at a great low price of only $6.99

 football bandana promo


Dog Bandana, Football Theme

Dog Bandana, Football Theme
Football Fans - This is so cool. Reversible sports theme dog bandana for only $6.99 from Whirly Dog Supplies. Sizes Large and Small!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Adopting an Older Dog, Senior Dogs

whirly dog supplies' model for their dog clothesOur dog Whirly, the lead dog clothing model for Whirly Dog Supplies, was 9 years old when he was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. We could not be happier, he is the perfect addition to our family.

If you are considering bringing a pet into your life, think about an older dog as your new friend! A senior dog can actually be more beneficial then having a younger dog...

You know what you are getting:
An older dog helps you to understand what the requirements are such as, adult size, personality, and grooming requirements.

So many people are worried that they will get a dog that has bad habits from it's previous owner - well, yes and no. Older dogs are very easy to train, they are more focused making it easier to keep their attention.

Love and Attention:
Senior dogs have "been around the block" - they know how to settle into a family (or the pack). They tend to be be more loving and quickly become devoted to their humans. Finally,  you don't need to keep a constant eye on them  as you would a puppy. Typically they understand what they need to do to please you, so you can have your own time without the worry that you would with a child.

In summary, we are so happy we decided to adopt an older dog. Whirly is a perfect companion, he is so devoted and full of love. He's smart and learns quickly. He is a perfect addition to our family.

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Dog Pajamas Added to Site

dog pajamas, scotty, black and red printWhirly Dog Supplies, quality unique and stylish dog clothes started making dog pajamas a couple of years ago when they became popular. We looked at several designs and styles to find the best fit. After testing the prototypes on our dog Whirly, we ended up with an Open-Leg style garment that was easy to put on and take off. They were a big hit with our fans and customers.

As time went on, many customers asked if we could add stretch fabric cuffs to the neck and legs of Whirly Dog Supplies brand of dog pajamas. This gave the pet apparel a more finished look and provided a snugger fit for dogs that may not fit into the "normal" sizing categories.

We have now sold most of our non-stretch cuff designs and the web-store is only carrying the dog pajamas that have cuffs. Take a look at them and give us your opinion. They are so fun and everyone is loving them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love Mommy Daddy Print Dog Pajamas

Love Mommy Daddy Print Dog Pajamas
SALE: Save 25% off... Size Small
In Stock.
This Weekend Only!
These dog pajamas are so cute. They are so soft and cuddly.
Your dog loves you, these pajamas have "I love my Mommy, I love my Daddy" in a beautiful print. Perfect for the little boy or girl that loves you so much.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sale on All Dog Sweaters and Coats

SALE - Save Up To 33% off all dog coats, sweaters, hoodies
click here:

You can't help but love these adorable pictures of our model, Whirly, wearing Whirly Dog Supplies brand dog clothes.

fun baseball print dog hoodie  whirly dog supplies brand dog clothing, coats jackets hoodies sweaters  reversible dog wrap sweater with pink camo

We are clearing out the last of our outerwear and looking forward to the upcoming fall and winter season.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Delightful Dog

We have the most delightful dog in our family, his name is Whirly. He is the inspiration for my son's business, Whirly Dog Supplies. We took him on a picnic at beginning of summer to a local park and had so much fun. Then a cold wind came up so we planned to go again when weather became warmer. We ate our take out lunch in the car as it was much warmer. Whirly is a wonderful dog and glad he has become a part of our family.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking for Blog Writers

Whirly Dog Supplies is always interested in hearing stories about people's dogs.

We are currently looking for people who would like to submit their stories, thoughts, ideas, or just about anything pertaining to dogs. You can submit a 1 sentence idea or a 1 page story related to dogs to be reviewed for publication here at Whirly Dog Supplies' Blog.

You can email us at or submit through our contact page:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Supplies and Selecting for Your Pet’s Needs – Water/Food Bowls

small dog bowl dog dishSomething as simple as a dog bowl can cause havoc for the human when it comes to grooming, creating more work then necessary. Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, we want the care for your dog to be effortless.

Using an example of a small breed dog with long ears, such as a Maltese may turn a once daily brushing, cleaning and grooming task into a multiple times per day job. Maltese have thin hair like a human and they do not have an undercoat. Their fur tends to tangle easily, get dirty more quickly, and requires more care from the human that lives with the small dog. Furthermore, the dog will be happier with fresh clean ears, eliminating itching and irritation.

If you have two small to medium size dog bowls, one for water and one for food you may want to consider a size change. The thin wispy hair of the small dog can lay in the food dish while he or she is eating and cause the hair to become dirty and tangled. Therefore, every time the dog eats the human much clean and brush the ears to keep them looking good and keep the dog comfortable.

It is always best to keep a lot of water available for your dog. Dogs tend to become more over heated during warm days than other animals as they are more active and they are covered in fur. If the ears of the dog get in the water and become wet, it’s not as difficult to keep them tangle free. Food has various ingredients that get stuck in the fibers of the hair making it dirty and hence, the fibers of the hair will stick together.

Using a smaller bowl for food with long-eared breed dogs may help in keeping the ears cleaner and maintenance free. Consider giving the canine food from a dog dish that is just slightly larger than the dog’s muzzle. By sizing the feeding dish to the muzzle, when the dog eats the ears will flop outside the dish and the ears will remain clean.

You can see examples of different dog bowls at Whirly Dog Supplies Online Store in the dog accessory section. So when outfitting your pet with supplies, be sure to consider their function, the breed of the dog itself, and your grooming responsibilities. Also, consider the color and style of the bowls to fit into your decor, various colors and styles will help you enjoy having them in your pet’s life.

Dog dishes and dog supplies to help you in living with your pet can be found at Whirly Dog supplies.

We really focus on your needs as well as your dog’s. You love your dog as if they are family and you want to give them the best. Whirly Dog Supplies will assist in anyway that we can.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Care for Your Dog and Hot Weather

small breed dog hiking in summerWhirly Dog Supplies wanted to write a blog post to give you some information and remind you to take care in keeping your pet cool during hot summer months, or keeping them cool in areas of the world that have warm temperatures. Dogs, like humans, can become overheated, causing severe health issues and or death.

Here are a few steps you can do to help your pet during hot temperatures, which will help a great deal.

When your dog is overheated there a couple of things you can watch for:

  • excessive breathing and panting

  • your pet may seem to be disoriented

  • respiratory breathing problems

  • vomiting/diarrhea

  • tiredness/weakness, lethargy

Dogs need to stay hydrated, so make sure that your dog always has plenty of fresh cool water. Dogs can easily become dehydrated as well, just like humans. If you if you take your dog out and about, be sure to carry a water bottle full of fresh water and dishes for your dog to drink out of. Many pet supply stores sell travel style and collapsible dog dishes as well as water bottles that have a built in sleeve that acts as a trough that pivots down so your dog can easily drink out of it. Always be prepared with the necessary pet supplies, dog accessories, dog supplies needed for your dog when the warm weather strikes.
There are other measures you can take as well to help your pet when the weather gets hot. If your dog becomes over heated you can use water for other purposes then just giving them something to drink. You can wet their fur with cool water to help cool them down. Also, you can submerge their feet in cold water (one of the fastest ways to cool off a dog is through the pads on their feet). Humans lose heat through their extremities, such as their hands feet and our head. Something you can try when you get overheated, take cold or frozen items and hold them in your hands as well as pressing them against your wrists for a rapid cool-down!

On those really hot days, be sure to keep your dog in the shade. It would be preferable to keep your dog inside during hot weather, just keep in mind if you have to take them outside keep them out of the direct sun. Shade provides more then just a way to keep your dog cool, but it can also prevent sunburn for dogs that don’t have an undercoat (such as Maltese Breed dogs). A lot of people  dress their dog in clothes such as; lightweight shirts or dresses for not only the purpose of having them look cute, but also to aid in the dog’s health and wellbeing. Lastly, Do Not walk your dog on concrete or blacktop, it can get extremely hot in the sun, even if it’s not hot outside the ground can become VERY hot in direct sun! It is very easy to burn and injure their pads.

Finally, and probably one of the most important things is – NO PARKING PLEASE.

Sadly, many people leave their dogs in a car on hot sunny days. The rate of increase of heat in a car is so fast, before you know it your dog is suffering from heat stroke or death has occurred. As an example; if it is 75 degrees outside, in just 10 minutes it becomes 100 degrees inside your car – or if it’s 100 degrees outside in 15 minutes it will be 140 inside your car. So.. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR! Think twice before taking them on an outing, most of the time it’s best to just leave them home.

Whirly Dog Supplies hopes this article is useful and helpful to you in keeping your dog cool, healthy, and happy this summer and if you live in warmer climates. Be prepared, be informed, and be conscious of your pets needs.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Hot Weather with Supplies

Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, known for quality unique and fashionable dog clothes and supplies, we wanted to remind you to keep your dog cool and hydrated this summer while the weather is hot.

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New Blog and New Website for Whirly Dog Supplies

To provide our customers with a better shopping experience, Whirly Dog Supplies has decided to change their website and blog.

Please be patient as we update, change, and add new  information to make your experience with our company more enjoyable.

Thank You for your Business.

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