Saturday, July 27, 2013

Care for Your Dog and Hot Weather

small breed dog hiking in summerWhirly Dog Supplies wanted to write a blog post to give you some information and remind you to take care in keeping your pet cool during hot summer months, or keeping them cool in areas of the world that have warm temperatures. Dogs, like humans, can become overheated, causing severe health issues and or death.

Here are a few steps you can do to help your pet during hot temperatures, which will help a great deal.

When your dog is overheated there a couple of things you can watch for:

  • excessive breathing and panting

  • your pet may seem to be disoriented

  • respiratory breathing problems

  • vomiting/diarrhea

  • tiredness/weakness, lethargy

Dogs need to stay hydrated, so make sure that your dog always has plenty of fresh cool water. Dogs can easily become dehydrated as well, just like humans. If you if you take your dog out and about, be sure to carry a water bottle full of fresh water and dishes for your dog to drink out of. Many pet supply stores sell travel style and collapsible dog dishes as well as water bottles that have a built in sleeve that acts as a trough that pivots down so your dog can easily drink out of it. Always be prepared with the necessary pet supplies, dog accessories, dog supplies needed for your dog when the warm weather strikes.
There are other measures you can take as well to help your pet when the weather gets hot. If your dog becomes over heated you can use water for other purposes then just giving them something to drink. You can wet their fur with cool water to help cool them down. Also, you can submerge their feet in cold water (one of the fastest ways to cool off a dog is through the pads on their feet). Humans lose heat through their extremities, such as their hands feet and our head. Something you can try when you get overheated, take cold or frozen items and hold them in your hands as well as pressing them against your wrists for a rapid cool-down!

On those really hot days, be sure to keep your dog in the shade. It would be preferable to keep your dog inside during hot weather, just keep in mind if you have to take them outside keep them out of the direct sun. Shade provides more then just a way to keep your dog cool, but it can also prevent sunburn for dogs that don’t have an undercoat (such as Maltese Breed dogs). A lot of people  dress their dog in clothes such as; lightweight shirts or dresses for not only the purpose of having them look cute, but also to aid in the dog’s health and wellbeing. Lastly, Do Not walk your dog on concrete or blacktop, it can get extremely hot in the sun, even if it’s not hot outside the ground can become VERY hot in direct sun! It is very easy to burn and injure their pads.

Finally, and probably one of the most important things is – NO PARKING PLEASE.

Sadly, many people leave their dogs in a car on hot sunny days. The rate of increase of heat in a car is so fast, before you know it your dog is suffering from heat stroke or death has occurred. As an example; if it is 75 degrees outside, in just 10 minutes it becomes 100 degrees inside your car – or if it’s 100 degrees outside in 15 minutes it will be 140 inside your car. So.. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR! Think twice before taking them on an outing, most of the time it’s best to just leave them home.

Whirly Dog Supplies hopes this article is useful and helpful to you in keeping your dog cool, healthy, and happy this summer and if you live in warmer climates. Be prepared, be informed, and be conscious of your pets needs.

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