Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Supplies and Selecting for Your Pet’s Needs – Water/Food Bowls

small dog bowl dog dishSomething as simple as a dog bowl can cause havoc for the human when it comes to grooming, creating more work then necessary. Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, we want the care for your dog to be effortless.

Using an example of a small breed dog with long ears, such as a Maltese may turn a once daily brushing, cleaning and grooming task into a multiple times per day job. Maltese have thin hair like a human and they do not have an undercoat. Their fur tends to tangle easily, get dirty more quickly, and requires more care from the human that lives with the small dog. Furthermore, the dog will be happier with fresh clean ears, eliminating itching and irritation.

If you have two small to medium size dog bowls, one for water and one for food you may want to consider a size change. The thin wispy hair of the small dog can lay in the food dish while he or she is eating and cause the hair to become dirty and tangled. Therefore, every time the dog eats the human much clean and brush the ears to keep them looking good and keep the dog comfortable.

It is always best to keep a lot of water available for your dog. Dogs tend to become more over heated during warm days than other animals as they are more active and they are covered in fur. If the ears of the dog get in the water and become wet, it’s not as difficult to keep them tangle free. Food has various ingredients that get stuck in the fibers of the hair making it dirty and hence, the fibers of the hair will stick together.

Using a smaller bowl for food with long-eared breed dogs may help in keeping the ears cleaner and maintenance free. Consider giving the canine food from a dog dish that is just slightly larger than the dog’s muzzle. By sizing the feeding dish to the muzzle, when the dog eats the ears will flop outside the dish and the ears will remain clean.

You can see examples of different dog bowls at Whirly Dog Supplies Online Store in the dog accessory section. So when outfitting your pet with supplies, be sure to consider their function, the breed of the dog itself, and your grooming responsibilities. Also, consider the color and style of the bowls to fit into your decor, various colors and styles will help you enjoy having them in your pet’s life.

Dog dishes and dog supplies to help you in living with your pet can be found at Whirly Dog supplies.

We really focus on your needs as well as your dog’s. You love your dog as if they are family and you want to give them the best. Whirly Dog Supplies will assist in anyway that we can.

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