Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day at Whirly Dog Supplies

labor day sale at whirly dog suppliesSometimes Whirly Dog Supplies, makers of quality dog clothes that are stylish and unique, have incredible savings at their customer store... This weekend is the last holiday weekend, Labor Day,  of the summer and we are bringing you the greatest savings of the year so far... shop today and save at and simply use coupon code: 08LABOR13 when you checkout and you will save 32% off your Entire Order!

Thanks so much for your business. We love our customers and their pets.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dog's in Public Parks and Recreation Sites

This week we took a drive to Seattle Washington, USA. This was a recreational visit for Whirly Dog Supplies, makers of quality unique and stylish dog clothes and dog accessories.

keeping your dog on a leash, in appropriate areas, and picking up after your pet.It was really surprising to see so many people not picking up after their dogs. There was dog waste (poop) on the ground everywhere we went (even where free waste bags w/receptacles provided): Parks, Rest Areas, and even around our Hotel. It is so simple to carry a plastic bag and pick up after your dog but people either are too lazy or simply don't care. I really don't understand. It is a safety issue for the health and enjoyment of not only ourselves and our children but also our pets. Whirly Dog Supplies sells dog waste bags with dispensers as well as other dog supplies and dog accessories such as collars, water bottles, and more to make traveling much simpler.

Thankfully, many pet owners, we noticed, did have their dogs on leashes and obeying the leash laws. There is nothing more annoying to travelers to have to be dealing with an unruly dog that has not been trained properly.

Lastly, a friend we visited, who works for the National Parks Conservation Association, reminded us that visitors not only don't keep their dog's leashed or pick up their waste... but they also let them on the back trails. Many people think that they should be to take the pets with them on a hike when they are in the wilderness, however they forget there are other WILD animals out there that are attracted to their scent which may result in harm to the pet or to the human. As an example a 63 year old man was attacked and killed by a mountain goat in the Olympic National Forest, a few years ago, because he had been urinating on the side of the trail which attracted the goat from the sent and the attraction to the salt in the urine.
ref. So let us all be smart and follow the rules, this is not only for the health and safety of yourselves, your family, and your children but also your pets.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Football Season, Sports Fans and their Dogs

Nothing makes a sports enthusiast more happy then to dress or accessorize their pet with sports themed pet apparel.

Whirly Dog Supplies has just listed some really fun dog bandanas that are reversible with a football theme.

Take a look and purchase today at a great low price of only $6.99

 football bandana promo


Dog Bandana, Football Theme

Dog Bandana, Football Theme
Football Fans - This is so cool. Reversible sports theme dog bandana for only $6.99 from Whirly Dog Supplies. Sizes Large and Small!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Adopting an Older Dog, Senior Dogs

whirly dog supplies' model for their dog clothesOur dog Whirly, the lead dog clothing model for Whirly Dog Supplies, was 9 years old when he was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. We could not be happier, he is the perfect addition to our family.

If you are considering bringing a pet into your life, think about an older dog as your new friend! A senior dog can actually be more beneficial then having a younger dog...

You know what you are getting:
An older dog helps you to understand what the requirements are such as, adult size, personality, and grooming requirements.

So many people are worried that they will get a dog that has bad habits from it's previous owner - well, yes and no. Older dogs are very easy to train, they are more focused making it easier to keep their attention.

Love and Attention:
Senior dogs have "been around the block" - they know how to settle into a family (or the pack). They tend to be be more loving and quickly become devoted to their humans. Finally,  you don't need to keep a constant eye on them  as you would a puppy. Typically they understand what they need to do to please you, so you can have your own time without the worry that you would with a child.

In summary, we are so happy we decided to adopt an older dog. Whirly is a perfect companion, he is so devoted and full of love. He's smart and learns quickly. He is a perfect addition to our family.

Monday, August 12, 2013

New Dog Pajamas Added to Site

dog pajamas, scotty, black and red printWhirly Dog Supplies, quality unique and stylish dog clothes started making dog pajamas a couple of years ago when they became popular. We looked at several designs and styles to find the best fit. After testing the prototypes on our dog Whirly, we ended up with an Open-Leg style garment that was easy to put on and take off. They were a big hit with our fans and customers.

As time went on, many customers asked if we could add stretch fabric cuffs to the neck and legs of Whirly Dog Supplies brand of dog pajamas. This gave the pet apparel a more finished look and provided a snugger fit for dogs that may not fit into the "normal" sizing categories.

We have now sold most of our non-stretch cuff designs and the web-store is only carrying the dog pajamas that have cuffs. Take a look at them and give us your opinion. They are so fun and everyone is loving them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love Mommy Daddy Print Dog Pajamas

Love Mommy Daddy Print Dog Pajamas
SALE: Save 25% off... Size Small
In Stock.
This Weekend Only!
These dog pajamas are so cute. They are so soft and cuddly.
Your dog loves you, these pajamas have "I love my Mommy, I love my Daddy" in a beautiful print. Perfect for the little boy or girl that loves you so much.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sale on All Dog Sweaters and Coats

SALE - Save Up To 33% off all dog coats, sweaters, hoodies
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You can't help but love these adorable pictures of our model, Whirly, wearing Whirly Dog Supplies brand dog clothes.

fun baseball print dog hoodie  whirly dog supplies brand dog clothing, coats jackets hoodies sweaters  reversible dog wrap sweater with pink camo

We are clearing out the last of our outerwear and looking forward to the upcoming fall and winter season.