Monday, August 12, 2013

New Dog Pajamas Added to Site

dog pajamas, scotty, black and red printWhirly Dog Supplies, quality unique and stylish dog clothes started making dog pajamas a couple of years ago when they became popular. We looked at several designs and styles to find the best fit. After testing the prototypes on our dog Whirly, we ended up with an Open-Leg style garment that was easy to put on and take off. They were a big hit with our fans and customers.

As time went on, many customers asked if we could add stretch fabric cuffs to the neck and legs of Whirly Dog Supplies brand of dog pajamas. This gave the pet apparel a more finished look and provided a snugger fit for dogs that may not fit into the "normal" sizing categories.

We have now sold most of our non-stretch cuff designs and the web-store is only carrying the dog pajamas that have cuffs. Take a look at them and give us your opinion. They are so fun and everyone is loving them.

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