Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your Dog and Cold Weather

small dog at the oregon coast wearing dog clothesIt is so very important to keep your pets and dogs warm and comfortable during winter months. Much of the United States right now is experiencing extreme cold conditions and we suggest whenever possible it is best just to keep your pets indoors. If it is necessary to take your pet outside, consider keeping it brief and having them wear protective dog clothes or pet apparel if they will tolerate it. Many short haired dogs and dogs that don't have an undercoat, such as Maltese will chill easily. A warm fleece dog jacket, dog sweaters, or dog hoodies and/or some comfortable soft cotton flannel dog pajamas can aid in adding a bit more warmth to a freezing cold day.

Whirly Dog Supplies
is located in Portland Oregon USA. This morning it is 19 °F degrees, we have a tiny bit of snow on the ground left from yesterday, and there is a bone chilling wind. We have the "Columbia Gorge" located near the city. The Columbia river, a large river separating Oregon and Washington and reaching to Idaho, has over thousands of years eroded through the Cascade Mountains leaving a large Gorge which is incredibly beautiful yet very powerful - When weather systems off the Pacific Ocean come inland, it kind of creates a vacuum that draws cold air from the east side of the state. The Cascade Mountains run north and south keeping the western half of the state warm from the ocean waters, the east side (protected from the mountain range) gets bitterly cold. So now... we have cold air coming from Alaska giving us cold temperatures, plus the wind from the gorge - they say "wind chill factor" or what the temperature actually feels like, is 20-30 °F below zero.

maltese wearing dog jacket dog hoodie made by Whirly Dog SuppliesI wanted to give you an example of were we are and how the weather is... No human or animal should be subject to this kind of extreme cold, and as humans and pet owners we have the responsibility of giving proper care for the sweet dogs we love and care for. Consider keeping them indoors where it is warm, and if they do need to go outside, protect them by dressing them in dog clothing to keep them safe and warm.


  1. customer_service@blanketsandstuff.comDecember 22, 2013 at 6:27 AM

    So true, especially for the smaller pets. I used to have a Lhasa Apso that would get cold easily and we had a variety of sweaters for her. She is the only dog I've ever owned that actually liked wearing sweaters. She would bark and growl at us whenever we would try to take them off.

  2. She sounds adorable... Lhasa's are so fun and have such cool personalities.
    It's funny how some dogs really do enjoy wearing dog clothes... yesterday, I had taken Whirly for a walk and when I brought him in I took of his little hoodie and as I walked away, he stayed right by the door looking up at it and then back at me, as if to say: "hey, why did you take that off? I was warm and comfy in it."