Monday, October 6, 2014

New Home and New Dog

Whirly Dog Supplies has moved to their new location, in beautiful Cascade Locks, Oregon. The move has brought new ideas for creating fun and fashionable dog clothing. And most exciting of all, it has brought the addition of a new family member named, Toby, a little Yorkshire Terrier, who we adopted from Multnomah County Animal Shelter, located in Troutdale, Oregon.

I want to take a minute and thank our followers for being so patient during the move. We left the big city of Portland, Oregon in June and have now finally (almost) settled in our new home. We are so excited to be here. Although it is a 30 minute drive from the big city, we are now in a beautiful location, the Columbia River Gorge. A couple of blocks away from us, you will find the beautiful Columbia River winding its way through the impressive Cascade Mountains. On the other side you will find the beautiful view of the Cascade Range, as seen in the picture to the left.

The inspirations of this new location are endless. The Columbia River Gorge offers so many attractions and natural beauty, my mind is spinning with all sorts of ideas for designing new dog clothes and pet apparel, here are just a few things about our new location:

  • The Columbia River Gorge, from west to east, transitions between temperate rainforest to dry grasslands in only 80 miles.

  • Incredible waterfalls - Multnomah Falls, Horsetail, Ponytail, Bridal Veil, and dozens more line the way along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

  • A short 40 mile stretch boasts a world of wine, starting with pinot noir and chardonnay in the cool hills at the west end of the gorge and tempranillo and syrah thrive in the drier, sunnier east end.

  • You will find hand-scooped ice cream, hand-crafted beer, windsurfing, kiteboarding and parasailing in the small town of Hood River, Oregon. Tons of fun for all ages.

  • There are over 800 species of flowers in the Columbia River Gorge, many native to Oregon and not found anywhere else in the world. Natural beauty explodes everywhere you go.

  • Over 290 species of birds and many other types of wildlife are found here as well.

  • US Congress has recognized the Gorge for it's uniqueness and designated it a National Scenic Area, the largest in America.

All the splendors of nature here are awe inspiring... I am dreaming up new clothing designs related to the landscape, wildlife, and the incredible scenery that surrounds our new location.

New Family Member - Toby, a little Yorkshire Terrier
Lastly, and most important, is the new addition to our family, Toby! He is a little 8 pound bundle of energy! My partner has always loved Yorkies. I happened to stop in the animal shelter to see if they had any dogs in need of a home, there he was, sitting quietly a sweet little Yorkshire Terrier in need of a loving home. Now that we have moved to the country, we have more space to bring another pet into our lives. Whirly, our senior maltese, is slowing down and often times lonely, I thought another dog would be a great companion for not only my partner and I but also for Whirly.

The animal shelter found Toby wandering in a field, malnourished, matted, with urine soaked fur. He was lost and alone. When I saw him, my heart went out to him and I knew I wanted to give him a new chance to have a wonderful life! I adopted him, brought him home, cleaned him up, and gave him tons of love. This all happened just over a month ago and now he is now happy, playful, and full of love. We are so pleased to have him in our lives. Keep following Whirly Dog Supplies' blog as we will be posting lots of pictures and stories of Toby and Whirly's adventures!

We are so happy with our move to Cascade Locks, we have a beautiful new home, a great location for our business, and lots and lots of love from a wonderful little dog named, Toby. We are truly blessed!