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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Whirly Dog Supplies' Dog Pajamas

Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, we are always striving to bring our customers the best products at the best value. We keep your pet in mind and design products that are not only stylish but comfortable for your pet to wear. Dog Pajamas have become one of our customer's favorites. Over the past few years we have modified the typical patterns and design to give the best fit for your dog.

When your dog wears our pajamas, they should be comfortable and look great in them. We love to entertain and have friends or family over for a dinner parties or an early morning coffee or tea gatherings. Having your dog nearby wearing a pair of pajamas is so much fun for everyone. Your guests will fall in love with the way your pet looks and your pet will love the attention he or she gets when they cuddle in your lap or next to your feet in our soft and comfy onesies.

Here is what we have learned in re-designing the standard dog pajamas patterns.

Standard or Store BoughtWhirly Dog Supplies Pajamas
Length of legs are too long, when your dog is wearing them they end up pulling their feet out and end up getting tangled up in the garment.We have shortened the legs by half. This prevents the dog's feet from slipping through and provides better movement for the dog when walking or going to the bathroom.
Stretch cuffs are on the neck, ankles, and the underside of the dog pajamas.We have eliminated the fabric cuff on the underside of the garment. We found that it pulls down around the tail causing the dog not to want to go to the bathroom and it is uncomfortable for them to walk, run, and play while wearing them.
Inexpensive, low quality fabrics.Whirly Dog Supplies, hand picks 100% cotton flannels, super soft jerseys, and other fabrics that will provide, not only the best look, but also be Super comfortable for your pet to wear.

Your dog's comfort is so important. Having quality dog apparel and pet clothes is the key to your pet's happiness. Take a look at what we have to offer and you will see that Whirly Dog Supplies is the best option. The price is right and you can be confident you are getting a product everyone (including your dog) will love!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dog Shirts, Made the Correct Way

I have struggled over the past few years, since adopting our little Maltese dog, to get pet clothes and dog apparel that is good quality and fits correctly.

I have listed a dog t-shirt with a cute fire engine and dalmatian print on jersey knit fabric. (as seen in picture)

I purchased several dog shirts from various "Big Box Stores" such as Walmart, Petco, Petsmart, Target, and a few others. We sat and took them apart and really studied how they were made. Here is what we found:

  • Thin, poor quality fabrics.

  • Not all seams were properly sewn together.

  • The pattern wasn't cut correctly and areas in the seams had been folded over and then sewn together, adding several weak layers of fabric.

  • Sizes where smaller then they type of dog they were supposed to fit.

  • Fabric was not preshrunk, after washing as suggested by the manufacturer the garment decreased in size significantly.

What does all these mean to you, the pet owner who's looking for a quality dog shirt and spending $10-20 of your hard earned money?
Answer - You will get something that's not going to last and will fall apart after a few washings, or even a few times of your dog wearing the pet clothes.

I spent some time really studying how these dog clothes were manufactured. And I looked at the dog apparel and pet clothing patterns I had, as well as reviewing my own designs. The end result was a re-designed quality dog shirt, that will fit your dog better, uses quality designer fabrics, and are made to last keeping sharp attention to every detail.

Now, when you purchase dog apparel and pet clothes from Whirly Dog Supplies, you can have the confidence that you are buying a product that is of the highest quality, attention to detail makes the workmanship better then the rest, will fit your dog properly, and is designed to last!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Changes Coming to Dog Hoodies

dog hoodie made by whirly dog supplies, cute dog apparelHere at Whirly Dog Supplies, we have been making dog hoodies for about two years now and it's always been a struggle to make the hood on the jacket just the right size to meet our customer's needs. Like people, dogs have different sized heads, also to complicate things, they come in different shapes depending on the breed.

Our dog, Whirly, which is a Maltese has a small round head. Your "standard issue" dog hood on dog jackets notoriously fall down over his face. I have tried to design the hood using my dog as well as others to get them to come to just the eye brow area. But the other week a good friend, who is also a colleague (who makes and sells the most beautiful afghans on etsy, QuailCreekCreations) and a customer suggested that I start putting a draw string in the hoodies. She has a Maltese as well and finds it very hard to get the hoods of jackets not to fall down over the dog's face.

We went out to the fabric store yesterday and did some searching and found some material to use for draw strings, over the coming weeks I will be redesigning the hood portion of our dog hoodies/dog jackets and using them on some test subjects... stay tuned for updated news and info! They are going to be great.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Pet Apparel for Dogs

maltese dog wearing holiday pet apparel from whirly dog suppliesWhirly Dog Supplies has been working hard this year to bring their customers fun and festive pet apparel to ring in the holidays. Find these quality, stylish, and affordable holiday dog clothes and holiday pet apparel in Whirly Dog Supplies' Christmas Department.

maltese dog wearing christmas themed dog hoodie, dog jacket sweaterYou will find our traditional dog pajamas and dog hoodies/coats with a holiday or Christmas related theme, but you will also find new items this year such as really cute red Santa Jackets and green Elf Coats made of soft comfortable fleece.

maltese dog wearing holiday themed dog jacketLastly, you will find our products at the lowest prices available. To keep up to date with the latest news and information, bookmark Whirly Dog Supplies' Site page for the latest headlines related to the company.

Happy Holidays from All of Us at,
Whirly Dog Supplies
Blessings to you, your family, and all your beloved pets.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dog Toys With and Without Polyfill

dog toy, plushAlthough Whirly Dog Supplies makes and sells the best dog clothes and pet apparel at Whirly Dog Supplies, we also sell dog toys. Playtime provides your dog not only entertainment, but it is also a great way to provide exercise through interactive play. Your dog's health and happiness are most important.

Lately, people are looking for non-polyfill dog toys. Through research and testing we believe your dog may benefit from toys made without polyfill. Moving forward the dog toys that Whirly Dog Supplies makes will not contain this material. Many people do not realize that polyfill materials today are made from petroleum based material. So not only can it cause possible health problems for your pet, it may also help our environment by choosing alternatives for filling material. Furthermore, we can also "Go Green" by using left over scraps of material, thread, etc to fill our toys.

Let's consider what we are giving our pets when buying dog toys and supplies. You love your dog and they are a part of your family. Keeping our pets and our environment healthy should be most important.

Lastly, ALWAYS supervise your pet when they are playing with dog toys. If any toy becomes damage, please discard it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Purchase Only Handcrafted Dog Clothes

maltese, small dog wearing dog pajamasWhirly Dog Supplies, who handcraft dog clothes and pet apparel made in the United States of America is often asked, by their customers, what makes our dog clothes and pet apparel better then what they can purchase in a large chain pet store at a lower price. Our answer is two fold: Quality and Uniqueness/Style.

Every dog owner and dog lover adores their pet. Pets are our friends. Their unique personality and their love drive us to give them the best we can. Many people actually spend more on their pets grooming, toys, clothing, and accessories then they do on themselves or their family member. Yet they still shop at large corporate driven stores for the best value when it comes to clothes for their pet.

Considerate these two factors before making your next purchase of pet apparel:

dog wearing dog shirtQuality
When you purchase a dog jacket, dog dress, or some cute dog pajamas you may not necessarily consider how long they will last. Dogs will be dogs - they run, jump, roll around, chew, and play... causing wear and tear on their dog clothing. Whirly Dog Supplies searches for fabrics and notions with durability and quality in mind. Also, when they are made, time is taken to insure every seam and every hem is perfect.

Dog clothes and pet apparel made in other countries lose quality control because workers are made to work long days for very little pay or a cup of rice. Factories, also known as "sweat shops" require workers to produce hundreds of pieces of dog garments each day, conditions in these factories are horrible, and the physical and mental abuse these poor people have to endure surely effects their work. When you take home a dog jacket you purchased for cheap price of $5.00 at a large "mega pet store" you can expect the seams to come apart, fabric to tear, or defects to show within a few days or weeks.

reinforced velcro straps on dog clothesYou can rely on strength and durability when you purchase dog clothes and pet apparel from Whirly Dog Supplies. We have dogs in our family, we understand the need for quality. We make dog garments to last a lifetime.

When you purchase clothing for your pet that are handmade you are getting apparel that is truly as unique as you and your pet are. When taking our dog to the dog park one day, we actually saw two dogs wearing the same dog wrap/jacket by two different owners. After approaching the dog owners, we found that they seemed annoyed that the other person had the exact same color and style outfit as the other dog. We found they had shopped at the same pet store here in Portland, Oregon.

small dog wearing whirly dog supplies brand dog dressWhirly Dog Supplies often buys fabrics that are clearance or remnants, because we believe in keeping our environment clean and not filling our landfills. "Going Green" not only helps the world we live in, but it also provides pet owners with fun and fashionable dog clothes that are unique and have their own look, pattern, and/or print. Although we may obtain several yards on one style of fabric and make 10 dog pajamas of that one pair of dog pajamas (for example) you will have peace of mind that 1,000 of them weren't made in a factory. So if you take your dog out in public, or have guests come to your home, your pet will be noticed because no one will have ever seen the pet apparel before. Your dog will truly get noticed and stand out in a crowd! Furthermore, much of our clothing is "One of a Kind", if the fabrics have been discontinued or no longer available, making them truly unique.

So next time you consider buying dog clothes, consider Whirly Dog Supplies quality and unique pet apparel.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Football Season, Sports Fans and their Dogs

Nothing makes a sports enthusiast more happy then to dress or accessorize their pet with sports themed pet apparel.

Whirly Dog Supplies has just listed some really fun dog bandanas that are reversible with a football theme.

Take a look and purchase today at a great low price of only $6.99

 football bandana promo


Monday, August 12, 2013

New Dog Pajamas Added to Site

dog pajamas, scotty, black and red printWhirly Dog Supplies, quality unique and stylish dog clothes started making dog pajamas a couple of years ago when they became popular. We looked at several designs and styles to find the best fit. After testing the prototypes on our dog Whirly, we ended up with an Open-Leg style garment that was easy to put on and take off. They were a big hit with our fans and customers.

As time went on, many customers asked if we could add stretch fabric cuffs to the neck and legs of Whirly Dog Supplies brand of dog pajamas. This gave the pet apparel a more finished look and provided a snugger fit for dogs that may not fit into the "normal" sizing categories.

We have now sold most of our non-stretch cuff designs and the web-store is only carrying the dog pajamas that have cuffs. Take a look at them and give us your opinion. They are so fun and everyone is loving them.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Supplies and Selecting for Your Pet’s Needs – Water/Food Bowls

small dog bowl dog dishSomething as simple as a dog bowl can cause havoc for the human when it comes to grooming, creating more work then necessary. Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, we want the care for your dog to be effortless.

Using an example of a small breed dog with long ears, such as a Maltese may turn a once daily brushing, cleaning and grooming task into a multiple times per day job. Maltese have thin hair like a human and they do not have an undercoat. Their fur tends to tangle easily, get dirty more quickly, and requires more care from the human that lives with the small dog. Furthermore, the dog will be happier with fresh clean ears, eliminating itching and irritation.

If you have two small to medium size dog bowls, one for water and one for food you may want to consider a size change. The thin wispy hair of the small dog can lay in the food dish while he or she is eating and cause the hair to become dirty and tangled. Therefore, every time the dog eats the human much clean and brush the ears to keep them looking good and keep the dog comfortable.

It is always best to keep a lot of water available for your dog. Dogs tend to become more over heated during warm days than other animals as they are more active and they are covered in fur. If the ears of the dog get in the water and become wet, it’s not as difficult to keep them tangle free. Food has various ingredients that get stuck in the fibers of the hair making it dirty and hence, the fibers of the hair will stick together.

Using a smaller bowl for food with long-eared breed dogs may help in keeping the ears cleaner and maintenance free. Consider giving the canine food from a dog dish that is just slightly larger than the dog’s muzzle. By sizing the feeding dish to the muzzle, when the dog eats the ears will flop outside the dish and the ears will remain clean.

You can see examples of different dog bowls at Whirly Dog Supplies Online Store in the dog accessory section. So when outfitting your pet with supplies, be sure to consider their function, the breed of the dog itself, and your grooming responsibilities. Also, consider the color and style of the bowls to fit into your decor, various colors and styles will help you enjoy having them in your pet’s life.

Dog dishes and dog supplies to help you in living with your pet can be found at Whirly Dog supplies.

We really focus on your needs as well as your dog’s. You love your dog as if they are family and you want to give them the best. Whirly Dog Supplies will assist in anyway that we can.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Hot Weather with Supplies

Here at Whirly Dog Supplies, known for quality unique and fashionable dog clothes and supplies, we wanted to remind you to keep your dog cool and hydrated this summer while the weather is hot.

dog-water-bottle-green small

At Whirly Dog Supplies, dog supplies/accessories department, you can find great deals on products for your pets for traveling, car ride, camping, hiking, beach outings, or just about anywhere you go and anything you do with your dog.

Check out great savings today at our store.