Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dogs, Abscesses and Infections

Please Note: Some images are graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.
Image in the article is of a dog's rectal area abscess that has ruptured.

So many times if our pets get sick we tend to wait it out, which may lead to serious consequences. It's so important to be diligent in caring for your pets and seek medical advice right away if something is wrong.

little maltese dog who is sick and cuddling in his bedI wanted to share my story of Whirly, the pet apparel model from Whirly Dog Supplies, who became ill and gave me quite a scare over the past couple of weeks, hoping that my experience may help others.

On Tuesday, January 14th 2014, afternoon my partner took Whirly for a walk on the way to pick up the mail. Whirly stopped to go to the bathroom and seemed to be straining to poop, which is very unlike him. Also, it was only a small amount.

The same situation occurred the next morning. This was quite concerning because Whirly never has problems going to the bathroom. Furthermore, the entire day he seemed lethargic and didn't have his normal "spark" and sweet personality. When I would pick him up to carry him, his entire body would tense and he would push his head into my chest. Upon sitting him down, where ever I put him is where he stayed (for hours). It seemed he didn't even want to walk. I researched as much as I could on the Internet and came up with all sorts of possible causes, I gave him plain white rice (cooked) with water, to the consistency of a thick soup or stew. He ate it readily. I figured I would wait through the night and see how he was the next morning.

I determined that Whirly may need to go to the Veterinarian, so I was prepared to leave immediately. When I took him down to go to the bathroom, he struggled for a few minutes to poop and then toppled over on his side. He just layed there with his legs stretched out, looking up at me helplessly. I picked him up and took him to the vet.

The doctor examined him and she had found a lump in the middle of a large swollen area on the left side of his bottom. She told me that I did the right thing by bringing him immediately to get medical attention. However, she couldn't determine the problem. The lump was soft but when she poked it with a needle, nothing came out, she said it's not abscessed otherwise blood or mucus would have been present. She tried expressing the anal glands but they were empty. The last thing she said it could be was Cancer, however cancerous tumors where usually hard, however it could be the early stages. If it was a bacterial or viral infection it may have been caused by him licking something like a blade of grass or even the floor and then licking his anal region, spreading it, and causing the infection. There was too many possibilities at this time.

She prescribed antibiotics, I took him home, and gave him tons of love. Over the coming days he began to get a little more energy and seemed much happier even though his rear end seemed painful. Monday morning I took him out for his routine "potty walk" and he seemed fine! But as we were coming in, I noticed his entire back end was covered in blood. The lump had ruptured. When I got him inside, I put him in a warm bath and washed all the blood off (carefully) wrapped him in a towel and took him back to the vet.

The doctor stated that it was an abscess and it had finally formed and broke. She wasn't going to do surgery to remove the area infected, she suggested we wait and let it heal in on itself. I am to continue the antibiotics until they are gone (about 4 more days) and twice per day wash the wound with antiseptic wash, along with giving him an anti-inflammatory. The picture below shows the abscess after it had been emptied and clean.rectal abscess on a dog

After only one day, you would think nothing was wrong with Whirly. He seems so happy and playful. This puts me at so much more ease. I was so scared I was going to lose him. He is an older dog, approximately 12 years old, and just like people dogs become weaker and need a little more TLC, tender loving care. It is so very important that we watch our pets and observe changes in behavior, diet, activity, and overall health.

No matter what... If your dog is experiencing any problems with their health TAKE THEM TO A DOCTOR!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bathroom Privacy

dog and bathroom door, no privacyIf you have a dog in your life, I'm sure you've stated "I have no alone time, not even to go to the bathroom".

We love our dogs, but they always want to be with us. We've included a picture of Whirly, our little model from Whirly Dog Supplies, trying to sneak a peek.

Have a great day, and remember, push the door closed until it clicks all the way shut.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dogs in People Beds

I always get a laugh when we put Whirly, the pet apparel and dog clothing model for Whirly Dog Supplies, in our bed because he doesn't seem to understand that it's time to sleep... he thinks it's time to play and dig.

I hope you enjoy the movie clip below, and we look forward to your comments and letting us know how your dog reacts when it's time to sleep.



Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas is Over

maltese dog, looking upAs the holidays come to an end, it can be a time to reflect and consider the coming of the new year. We make resolutions for ourselves and our children, but what about our pets?

Christmas and New Years are a fascinating time for all of us, including our pets. We should not only keep our own spirits high through the coming of the new year, but also consider our pet's health and happiness as well.

The owners of Whirly Dog Supplies had so much fun dressing up Whirly, the model for their pet apparel, and taking him out for visits to see Christmas lights, walks around the neighborhood to see decorations, visits to friends and family, and having the people they love over for social events. Now that Christmas is over and we are about to close out the new year, let's consider doing all those fun activities in the new year.

Dogs love interaction with others, so how about hosting parties, get togethers for coffee and tea, movie nights, game night, or even go visit a family member or friend you enjoy spending time with (and take your dog along). Do you have a public park nearby? A shopping mall? A safe quiet neighborhood? If so, get out there and explore your surroundings, take your dog for a walk! Not only will you be improving your dog's mental and physical health, but it's going to benefit you as well... Don't forget it can get a little chilly during the winter months so be sure to dress your little dog in a warm dog coat, hoodie, dog jacket, or sweater for added warmth and protection from the cold.

As we go into 2014, let's make every minute of every day count!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Homeless Man and Dog Celebrate Pope's Birthday

On Tuesday, Dec 17 2013, Pope Francis had is 77th birthday and invited three homeless men to join him for a meal to celebrate at the Vatican. One of the men had a dog and the Pope welcomed the man's dog to join them.

This warmed the hearts of many, as he is known for his love of all things. An Italian journalist's guide dog was blessed earlier this year. When the man asked for his wife and daughter who were at home to be blessed, the Pope replied "... a special blessing for your dog, too."

Whirly Dog Supplies was elated to hear of this beautiful story, as the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner, it is so appropriate to share this tale of love.

Read the full story/article here.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annoying People have Annoying Dogs

small dog looking out window of carHow many times do we see dogs left in cars and they bark constantly, your neighbors dog barks all night long, someone walking their dogs and every person they pass the dog barks, the list goes on and on... ?

Could this be due to the dog's environment and learned behavior? We think, many times yes!

The other day we stopped to buy some office supplies for Whirly Dog Supplies Information Website, and when we parked there was a little Maltese in the car parked in front of us, and two dogs - one Corgi and one Mixed breed in the car next to us.

When we were getting out of the car to go into the store, a rotund woman getting out of the car with the two dogs. She was waving her arms around and screaming at her two children, something to do with the fact that if they don't behave she wasn't taking them to McDonalds. After they left the car and went into the store, we noticed that the dogs kept barking non-stop at everyone that went by. They seemed to be behaving the same as the woman that was driving the car.

After shopping, we came back to our car and notice the dogs were still barking at us as well as everyone else nearby. Now, to back up to our arrival at the store we had notice directly in front of us there was a larger sedan parked and sitting patiently and looking out the window was a small Maltese. He/she was quiet as a mouse and seemed intent to look directly at the store, as if waiting for someone or something to come back and not caring about anything else.

As we were about to pull out of our parking space we noticed an elderly lady, moving very slow, hunched over as if her back was hurting, and with a sweet half-smile. Not a sound was ever heard from the little Maltese waiting for her. Here is an example of a quiet, sweet, and gentle little old lady with a quiet and sweet little dog.

I think children and pets learn from their environment and become what we teach them. Many people say "some people just shouldn't be parents" - can this be true for pet or dog owner's as well?! Let us know what you think. After reading our article, we'd love to hear your experiences.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your Dog and Cold Weather

small dog at the oregon coast wearing dog clothesIt is so very important to keep your pets and dogs warm and comfortable during winter months. Much of the United States right now is experiencing extreme cold conditions and we suggest whenever possible it is best just to keep your pets indoors. If it is necessary to take your pet outside, consider keeping it brief and having them wear protective dog clothes or pet apparel if they will tolerate it. Many short haired dogs and dogs that don't have an undercoat, such as Maltese will chill easily. A warm fleece dog jacket, dog sweaters, or dog hoodies and/or some comfortable soft cotton flannel dog pajamas can aid in adding a bit more warmth to a freezing cold day.

Whirly Dog Supplies
is located in Portland Oregon USA. This morning it is 19 °F degrees, we have a tiny bit of snow on the ground left from yesterday, and there is a bone chilling wind. We have the "Columbia Gorge" located near the city. The Columbia river, a large river separating Oregon and Washington and reaching to Idaho, has over thousands of years eroded through the Cascade Mountains leaving a large Gorge which is incredibly beautiful yet very powerful - When weather systems off the Pacific Ocean come inland, it kind of creates a vacuum that draws cold air from the east side of the state. The Cascade Mountains run north and south keeping the western half of the state warm from the ocean waters, the east side (protected from the mountain range) gets bitterly cold. So now... we have cold air coming from Alaska giving us cold temperatures, plus the wind from the gorge - they say "wind chill factor" or what the temperature actually feels like, is 20-30 °F below zero.

maltese wearing dog jacket dog hoodie made by Whirly Dog SuppliesI wanted to give you an example of were we are and how the weather is... No human or animal should be subject to this kind of extreme cold, and as humans and pet owners we have the responsibility of giving proper care for the sweet dogs we love and care for. Consider keeping them indoors where it is warm, and if they do need to go outside, protect them by dressing them in dog clothing to keep them safe and warm.